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  • Minimum 7 days before You should begin lubrication / embalming, I mean caring of the condition of the skin by moisturizing. Do not sunbathe.

  • 2 days before the alcohol should be set aside. It is good to remember about the appropriate hydration of the body.

  • The day before you need to shave that place which will be tattooed (do not do this if there is no hair). Beware of irritation, micro-damages (occurring after a depilation), and scratches. Best disposable razor. Not shave dry!

  • On the day of tattooing should not consume alcohol, caffeine, aspirin and other blood thinners (eg you can use Paracetamol, which does not have such properties). They have a negative impact on the state of the body during tattooing. You need to come rested and well-fed. It is also good to think about the right outfit - black clothes around the place, without any pressure and well revealing the place of tattoo without discomfort nudity :) (eg. In the case of hip - swimsuit with a suitable cut or resolved on the side).


  • Special foil UNISTAR minimum 3h max 24h (better max) and second minimum 1d max 3days.

  • Normal foil should be removed in about 3 hours. The skin should breathe, so do not put it again unless it is a big tattoo and still trickling. Then you can put the foil under the clothes/to sleep. It will prevent from adhering and irritating. BUT still as soon as you can go without it and let it breathing.

  • You are leaving with WOUND. BE CAREFUL! Redness, swelling, burning sensation, as well as elevated temperature (especially in big tattoos) is normal, but these symptoms should subside with time. Your body has reduced immunity! Avoid contact with the sick and watch out for a tattoo - it's easy to catch something! For larger works, there may also be a yellow / blue / violet bruise that will disappear over time.

  • For at least 3 days would be great to give up with a gym, sport and set aside or reduce by at least half of all drugs thin the blood: alcohol, caffeine, aspirin and other with such action. High temperature, soaking in water and thinned blood contributes to flowing out more blood and with it the ink which leading to blank spots in tattoo.

  • For 3 weeks DO NOT sunbathe, do not soak - including any public bathing, do not get dirty, do not hurt it, do not scratch it, avoid any rubbing against anything. Keep in mind that this is a wound and how the wound must act, and even gently.

  • For 3 weeks at least 3 times a day YOU SHOULD: after washing with cool water, dry (do not rub) the best by paper towel and apply ointment Bepanthen (sold in the pharmacy) or other, specially designed and recommended as such: Easy Tattoo, Tattoo Goo . Layer of ointment should be thin (still keeping in mind that the skin needs to breathe). Lubricate till you are seeing "scabs" - do not scratch and do not help in the descent! If you really want to use something to wash the tattooed place then you can use soap only gray or antibacterial.

    How you would take care of a tattoo during healing can affect how it would look like after!




Many pages show how the tattoo looks after years, e.g What affects on it? Everything. If after a month/two everything is okey, the tattoo artist is not responsible for what will happen to him in the future. If you see any loss or something you want to correct, do not panic, just report it to your tattoo artist. Loss on intensity is normal. White ink always become yellowish "blending" into the color of the skin. Black always become a bit gray. Some skins do it very fast, some slower. By skin care and avoidance/sun protection (tattoos don't like sun VERY MUCH) we may in some amounth extent extend its most attractive period but it is never certain how much. The brand of ink also isn't guilty (this statement obviously does not apply to inks with distrastful brand). Tattoos can totally disapear in places where the skin is working more such as fingers or elbows. Of course you can still correct it but these are the additional costs that not everyone is aware of when choosing a place.

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