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Mika Tatuaże


Engraving (dots, lines), mini semi realism, ornamental neotraditional and happy to try japanese.

Mika Tatuaże


Only realism!

Mika Tatuaże




1. How much is it?
One session of realism 950zł. He don't do small tattoos but you can book one session for one person and do several of small ones.
Other tattoos - ask us by sending a description and size. 1x1cm will be 170zł but in this price you can do e.g. three 1x1cm. 
Booking deposit 30/50/100zł (already part of total cost). You can see design before only if you paid it.
Corrections are normal, sometimes unavoidable becouse poor skin condition - follow the instructions "BEFORE" the tattoo and you can significantly increase the chance of a perfect tattoo after firt visit! Such an additional visit is payable for a symbolic deposit price or more for larger works and cover ups (becouse its normally needed more than one visit).
2. What are the contraindications?
Sorry, the list of diseases in Polish:
Zapalenia wątroby (HCV, HBV); HIV, nowotwory, padaczka, choroba leśniowskiego, stwardnienie rozsiane, immunosupresja (hamowanie procesu wytwarzania przeciwciał i komórek odpornościowych), cukrzca, wszelkiego rodzaju choroby skóry (np. bliznowce, łuszczyca, bielactwo), choroby związane ze spadkiem krzepliwości krwi, choroby serca i układu krążenia, małopłytkowość, niedokrwistość, stany pooperacyjne, obecność niezdiagnozowanych guzów oraz prostsze takie jak przeziębienia, grypy, anginy, antybiotykoterapia, osłabienie czy ciąża i karmienie piersią.
The markings and freckles above the skin are not tattooed. Scars - only healed.
Exceptions after consultation and agree from doctor.
3. How to care about?
Did you know that you should care about the skin before getting a tattoo?
Read more about before and after:


Grzegórzecka 29/1
31-532 Kraków
Tel: 511-511-248
Meetings should be booked.
Mon - Fri: 13:00 - 18:00
Saturday: 11:00 - 15:00

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